Additional Treatments

Fuse IV is a division of Senara Health & Spa, specializing in an integrative approach to helping you age gracefully. Offering both holistic and traditional treatments, our diverse menu of services is comprehensive and cutting edge. Our Doctors, Nurses, and support staff will help you chose the treatments that are best for your goals.

Medical Weight Loss

Lose weight, feel great. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive weight loss program, or simply wanting to balance your diet for increased energy and wellness, we will help guide you along the way with a customized nutrition program. Detoxification support is also available.

Hormone Balancing

Reverse the effects of aging with BioIdenticial Hormone Replacement and Low Testosterone Therapies. Fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, sexual dysfunction, and more, are all common symptoms of hormone imbalance. We use state of the art testing and therapies to identify and treat your hormone balance issues. Derived from natural plant sources, bioidentical hormones can be more easily assimilated by the body, without the side effects commonly associated with synthetics.

Functional Medicine

Solve your most challenging health concerns with Functional Medicine. We take a truly integrated approach to identifying the root cause of your complex medical issues. Combining holistic approaches and comprehensive diagnostic testing, we help unlock your body’s potential for vitality and healing. Our integrative health team will guide you through a customized nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle program to stop and prevent chronic disease.


Discover how good you can feel with chiropractic care. The art, science and philosophy of chiropractic emphasizes the nervous system’s interaction with the whole body. Rather than focusing on just symptoms, chiropractors take a holistic approach to wellness. Implementing a variety of therapeutic techniques and lifestyle changes, chiropractic corrects neuromusculoskeletal disorders and promotes the body’s natural healing ability. Chiropractic can help with a wide array of problems ranging from headaches and postural issues to sports injuries to attention deficit disorders.


Stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities with this holistic, ancient form of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture can provide relief for a wide range of medical issues. Acupuncture is endorsed by the National Institute of Health, and is a recognized alternative modality. It is effective in addressing musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, migraines, tension headaches, asthma, tendonitis and fatigue. Also, it can be used as an aid in preventing illness and providing relief from stress, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Senara also specializes in acupuncture for infertility.

Physical Therapy

Regain mobility and rebalance muscles for pain-free living. Acute and chronic conditions can benefit from the wide range of physical therapy modalities offered at Senara. Our physical therapy team will utilize a variety of focused stretches, strengthening exercises, and treatments to help you achieve optimal movement. In the process of relieving your pain, you will learn how your body works and how to improve your outcomes for long-term relief at home.

Medical Spa

For guests who are seeking clinical results, Senara Spa is proud to offer a line of medical spa services to improve your professional look. Our range of medical aesthetic treatments help our guests maintain their youthful appearance and enhance their natural beauty. We offer everything from CoolSculpting non-invasive body contouring to glycolic peels, as well as cosmetic fillers and injectibles and advanced medical aesthetic services. Treatments and consultations are held at our luxuriously accommodated spa. To learn more, click here, to be redirected to our main website.

Day Spa

Senara Spa, our state-of-the-art 7,000-square-foot spa, is loaded with every imaginable amenity to create a true spa experience and environment that’s a pure joy for our guests. You can expect your spa visit with us to be an escape and retreat from everyday life.

For the ultimate Senara Experience, you’ll want to explore our diverse menu of spa services, from massage therapies to manicures. The inspiration for our menu comes from the tiny village of Zennor near Cornwall, England. Zennor is the home village of our namesake Saint Senara and her beloved Matthew Trewella, who followed her into the sea for eternity. To find out more about their legend and our name, click here.

Massage Therapy

Experience the relief and relaxation of massage therapy treatment. Muscle tension brought on by muscloskeletal imbalances, stress, and the demands of life is diminished with the focused care of our licensed massage therapy team. Massage therapy treatments, using a combination of myofascial release and trigger point therapy techniques, will help rebalance your body after injury and aid in healing chronic neuromuscular conditions.

Skinceuticals Clinical Skin Care

Discover the youthful glow of ageless skin with Senara’s line of professional grade peels from SkinCeuticals. Our comprehensive, customizable range of medically exclusive epidermal peel procedures will improve the health and appearance of your skin. Suitable for all skin types, these clinical grade services will strengthen skin structure, reduce pigmentation, smooth skin texture, and diminish acne.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  These products and services are intended to support, not replace, your current medical care. Individual result may vary. 
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