Lipotropic Injections

Restore and renew vitality with Lipotropic Injections. Carefully calibrated blends of vitamins and minerals give your body a nutrient boost for added energy and improved digestion. Useful if you are following a detoxification program, trying to lose weight, or just need an added boost of energy to power through your busy schedule, naturally. Lipotropic injections boost nutrients that aid the break down of fat, increase your metabolic function, and boost energy. Overall body function is improved, and you will feel more energized.

Detoxify Your Body

Our lipotropic blend helps to promote detoxification by stimulating the liver and increasing waste elimination, without any unpleasant side effects. The natural compounds work to break down stagnant waste and distribute vital nutrients to the body. Lipotropic agents support the liver in its processes and can rebalance nutrient and amino acid deficiencies that were impeding liver function. As liver function improves, your ability to digest fats, proteins, and metabolize waste will be improved, which improves energy and your ability to maintain a healthy weight!

Therapeutic Lipotropic Blend

Our signature Lipotropic injection includes Choline, Inositol, and Methionine. When dosed weekly, these lipotropic agents give your body a long-lasting and easily assimilated nutrient boost. The combination of these natural substances is important to helping your body detoxify. They also give you lasting, natural, energy, which helps you stay focused and accomplish the demands of your life in stride.

The Senara therapeutic lipotropic blends features the following amino acids, nutrients, and co-enzymes to aid in detoxification:

  • Choline– Aids digestion and improves liver function. Combats fatigue and helps with mood. Works in conjunction with Inositol.
  • Inositol– Promotes calm and stabilizes mood. Part of the B-complex vitamin family, it partners with choline to remove excess fat accumulation and aid digestion.
  • Methionine– Stimulates production of proteins and choline in the body for optimal functioning. An essential amino acid that is not produced by your body and can only be gained through ingestion.

By including lipotropic injections in to your IV Infusion Therapy, you can see fat easily slide off your body. Digestion, and metabolism are improved, and the body will dramatically decrease fat storage. We also offer B12, Vitamin D , and Glutathione injections to boost energy and wellness.

Lipotropic Treatments

Metabolism Booster/Slim Shot

Enhance your body’s overall functioning, improve digestion and mood, and fight weight gain.

B12 Injection

Increase energy, regulate sleep, and balance mood and appetite.

Vitamin D Injection

Boost immunity, improve bone health, and regulate body functioning.

Glutathione “Detox” Push

Improve vitamin absorption, reduce inflammation, boost immune system functioning, and fight aging.

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